We have all been there – we are busy applying the last coat of nail polish and the phone rings. Somehow while doing the “My nails aren’t dry yet” dance and digging out the cell phone, you end up with polish on your shirt. (Or, if you are anything like me, on the duvet, and curtains as well – don’t ask.)

Not only do you now have to reapply your polish, but you are also sitting with a blob of that gorgeous nail polish from tlc nails on your shirt – prompting a wardrobe change and a bit of a panic on how to get the stain out – the Crimson that looks so great on your nails, after all, is not really that great sitting on your shirt. There really is no need to panic though – getting the stain out will not be that hard, as long as the top is washable. (If it needs to be dry cleaned, leave the stain alone and take it to the dry cleaner as soon as possible.)

If you are able to wash the top at home, proceed as laid out below, if possible, while the polish is still wet.

Grab a paper towel or cotton wool and soak with nail polish remover – blot as much off as you can, being careful to use clean bits of the towel or cotton wool – you want to lift the stain out, not just move it around and make it bigger. Carry on until you have got as much out as you possibly can – turn the fabric inside out and see if any of the stain made it through to the other side. If it did, carry on blotting the back as well.

Rinsing the area with a little water and see how much of the stain has been lifted. If you are lucky, you might get all of it. Otherwise carry on with this step until no more colour comes off onto the cotton wool or towel.

Get a prewash stain remover out and use it on the stain. Use as per the manufacturer’s instructions and wash as normal.

If the nail polish remover does not work, try spraying the area with an insect spray. Using a nail brush, softly the scrub the area – the chemicals in the spray will cause the polish to clump. Rinse with clean water and apply a commercial stain remover before washing.

One of the joys of being in Melbourne is taking advantage of a relaxing cruise down the Yarra River. This river begins in the Yarra Ranges and makes its way the 150 miles or so to Melbourne before it reaches Hobsons Bay.

In recent years the Yarra River in Melbourne has become the site for much building and gentrification. The skyline is impressive, there are clubs and restaurants and plenty to see. And there isn’t a better way to see it all than from the deck of a MV Melburnian Wedding Boat Charter .

The MV Melburnian was built in 1945 and has a classic timber look that is just retro enough to be classic. The boat was renovated in 1999 and it includes all the extras you would expect to see in a modern cruise ship. There’s a spacious sundeck with leather banquet seats, a galley kitchen that can produce high-quality and delicious food and a modern sound system that is perfect for a party of any size.

But the most impressive feature might be its timber veneer saloon area, which includes incredibly lush leather banquet seats, soft subtle furnishings and space to comfortably entertain a large party.

The MV Melburnian can be chartered for a number of different tours, ranging from the lush river banks of Hawthorn and Toorak to the historic seaport of Williamstown. Nothing is more exciting than seeing the bustling Southgate or Crown precincts at night. And if you’re looking to throw a party no one will ever forget, a cruise along the busy Melbourne ports will make quite the impression.

There is a wide range of packages available and of course you’ll have help from the experienced Captain and crew of the MV Melburnian. They are familiar with every inch of the Tarra River and whether it’s providing some tidbits about the sights or offering up a special treat from the galley, you’ll feel like your party is the only one on the river.

And if you’re looking for a special place to host an intimate wedding, the MV Melburnian is a great choice. The boat can hold up to 30 guests and if you’re looking for a memorable wedding, what better place to hold it than on board a boat with the iconic Melbourne Convention Centre in the background? It’ll be smooth sailing for any special occasion and isn’t that really what everyone is looking for in a cruise boat?

Nowadays, on the web there are many web pages that can help you find the engagement ring that you have dreamed of for your loved one. The truth is that only few of them include advice and engagement rings that worth their money. So, if you are a man, who does know anything about diamond rings and marriage proposals, it is sure that this web page, will help you a lot to this effort of yours.

Charles Rose web page is a really easy to use site and it only includes four sections. The first section of the specific web page is called browse collection an in there you will have the ability to see a wide variety of diamond rings but also some other kinds of jewelry that you can offer to your girlfriend or wife in another occasion that you want to celebrate. The kinds of diamonds that you are going to find in Charles Rose web site have been selected one by one, in order to be sure about their fine quality and beauty. The cost of their diamonds varies and depends on the cut of the diamond, on the color of the diamond, on its clarity, on its cuts and of course on its carats. In the specific web page, you will be also able to learn the story of Charles Rose back from 1923 up to now. Some generations after Charles Rose stores still preserve the glory that they had in the past. This happens, due to the fact that the specific company works with the best diamonds on market and it also has the ability to create for you a unique piece of jewelry or even a diamond ring that you have imagined. Their designers work for years in the specific field and they have the expertise and the experience to hear you and design for you what you tell them with words. If you choose to describe the diamond ring that you want to one of the Charles Rose designers, it is sure that you will be absolutely amazed at the result. Check out my diamond ring from Charles Rose here.

To summarize, Charles Rose web page will make things easier or you regarding your final choice on a diamond ring or any other kind of diamond jewelry. So, be smart and follow their advice and it is absolutely sure that at the end you will make the very best final choice.

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