There have been many concerns and complaints from drivers whom own pick up trucks. These complaints are based on the safety of their flatbed or the downfalls from using their flatbeds for transporting items. One concern is the issue of items tipping over during transport or the need to constantly secure items from tipping off the truck. This can cause hard to the driver in certain situation as well as the other drivers on the road with the truck. This issue is due to the items being taller than the sides of the flatbed. The average flatbed does not have high sides that balances out the items on the truck for easy transportation. Another issue is the capability of the flatbed to hold heavy items which can weigh the truck down or adds extra weight to the flatbed putting pressure on the suspension of the vehicle. All of these issues can have a bad effect on the vehicle or put drivers safety at risk when carry certain items. A driver should not have to worry about all of these possible dangers but instead be able to travel with confidence. This is where ute tray can help in order to give the driver peace of mind when transporting items.

To start the process a person will need to visit to see the available options for the purchasing of ute trays. The driver will first need to measure their flatbed to pick to the perfect size ute tray as they will come in different sizes to accommodate different truck sizes. The size needs to be picked carefully as to not throw off the balance of the vehicle. Throwing off the balance of the vehicle can cause the driver to have discomfort while driving their vehicle from one location to the next location. Features of ute trays will also be visible on the site to let the driver understand what they are getting with the purchase of their tray.

The trays will come with rope rails to allow for the tying down of items with bungee chords or rope to help add stability to the item being carried. Another feature will be high sides to allow the driver to carry taller items without having to worry about the items tipping over the sides of the vehicle. After purchasing the trays a person will not need to worry about many possible dangers occurring.

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We have all been there – we are busy applying the last coat of nail polish and the phone rings. Somehow while doing the “My nails aren’t dry yet” dance and digging out the cell phone, you end up with polish on your shirt. (Or, if you are anything like me, on the duvet, and curtains as well – don’t ask.)

Not only do you now have to reapply your polish, but you are also sitting with a blob of that gorgeous nail polish from tlc nails on your shirt – prompting a wardrobe change and a bit of a panic on how to get the stain out – the Crimson that looks so great on your nails, after all, is not really that great sitting on your shirt. There really is no need to panic though – getting the stain out will not be that hard, as long as the top is washable. (If it needs to be dry cleaned, leave the stain alone and take it to the dry cleaner as soon as possible.)

If you are able to wash the top at home, proceed as laid out below, if possible, while the polish is still wet.

Grab a paper towel or cotton wool and soak with nail polish remover – blot as much off as you can, being careful to use clean bits of the towel or cotton wool – you want to lift the stain out, not just move it around and make it bigger. Carry on until you have got as much out as you possibly can – turn the fabric inside out and see if any of the stain made it through to the other side. If it did, carry on blotting the back as well.

Rinsing the area with a little water and see how much of the stain has been lifted. If you are lucky, you might get all of it. Otherwise carry on with this step until no more colour comes off onto the cotton wool or towel.

Get a prewash stain remover out and use it on the stain. Use as per the manufacturer’s instructions and wash as normal.

If the nail polish remover does not work, try spraying the area with an insect spray. Using a nail brush, softly the scrub the area – the chemicals in the spray will cause the polish to clump. Rinse with clean water and apply a commercial stain remover before washing.

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